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Deadly Traps Found in Eastbourne Area

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Friston Forest Bike Traps

Eastbourne Police are investigating after a spate of incidents in Paradise Woods and Friston Forest in which lengths of fishing wire had been twisted together and tied between two trees across a bike track at neck level.

Fortunately a vigilant rider spotted one such trap last Sunday and informed the police. The police have taken this very seriously, and are calling any witnesses to come forward. Although this is the first incident that has been bought to their attention, CCTV systems are being considered as a future preventative. Meanwhile, the traps, which could cause ‘serious harm’, have been taken away for forensic examination.

If anyone saw persons acting suspiciously in the woods particularly with fishing line then please contact police on 101 and quote serial 1416 of 22/06/14.

Cyclists are being advised to ride with caution.


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