Jab Uk http://www.jab-ride.co.uk South East Mountain Biking Thu, 18 Dec 2014 13:31:35 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0.1 Events Update http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/events-update/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/events-update/#comments Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:04:38 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2685 Winter is never the best time for us Mountain Bikers, but there is always a silver lining. Our local events page has been bought up to date so head over there now to get those bank, depressed diaries filled up. See, there is something to look forward to!

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Bloody rain http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/bloody-rain/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/bloody-rain/#comments Sat, 06 Dec 2014 21:46:04 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2665 That’s it. If we have another month like November, I’m buying a road bike.

No joke.

Four days. That’s all there was when it didn’t rain. Four days!

I was getting so sick and tired of it that I reached a point where I had to do something. The trails here in the lovely south east, built on fine southern chalk and clay, really don’t react well to being ridden on when sodden. Even those that are made of sand become delicate cups of grinding paste, susceptible to massive erosion, when hit with week upon week of falling, running and standing water.

So I made a pact with myself: if it continues, I will buy a road bike. I’m going to get off the trails, get fitter and keep cleaner. But then I had a mini-revelation, and made a second decision: I’m going to organise some trail building classes.

What was my revelation? After seeing a problem (several puddles in repaired sections at the top of one of my favourite trails) I started to make some enquiries because, after all, when’s the best time to work out how well a trail drains? When it’s very, very wet.

So I’ll update you once the course has happened. It’s always good to put ‘something back’ into our sport; this appears to be an opportunity to do so.

And as for the road bike – am I really going to ride it out there, in the dark, cold and wet? I’ll update you on that too. No, really – I will.

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The London Bike Show 2015 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/london-bike-show-2015/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/london-bike-show-2015/#comments Wed, 05 Nov 2014 15:18:01 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2652 The UK’s largest cycling Show returns to ExCeL London from 12 – 15 February 2015, with plenty of gear to browse and buy, exciting features to watch and take part in, and everything any road, mountain, urban or family cyclist could ever need.

Hardware brands already confirmed include Cannondale, Boardman, Scott, Giant, Hoy Bikes, Mavic, Beacon Fell and Schwalbe, whilst retailer TriUK will be present offering bike fitting and some great offers.

Looking for some new clothing, accessories, a cycling holiday, training advice or something else? There will be over 200 cycling related exhibitors present. Visit thelondonbikeshow.co.uk/stands to see the current list of confirmed exhibitors.

For those looking to improve their cycling, the Surrey Human Performance Training Hub offers visitors the chance to measure fitness, challenge performance and walk away with a personalised training programme, after a 1-2-1 expert performance assessment. Alternatively, the Edge Cycling Studio will be offering spin sessions specifically designed by cyclists for cyclists.

The importance of riding a bike before buying it can never be overlooked, which is why the 500m test track will return to the Show for another year, allowing visitors the opportunity to try a whole range of road bikes, commuter bikes and the latest electric bikes. There will also be a dedicated kids test track for the younger ones.

There are more reasons for visitors to attend the Show in 2015, as the organisers have added a host of new attractions, including the Training & Safety Arena. Visitors will find a mock road network and Cycle Training UK & partners will be on hand offering hints, tips and advice to help you ride safer on and off the road.

The StreetVelodrome is another new feature for 2015. Visitors will be able to take part in the heart-pounding, action-packed theatre of track style cycling by either signing up to race on the world’s only pop-up velodrome or joining the cheering crowds around it.

Animal Action Tour

The breath-taking Animal WD-40 Action Sports Tour will return in 2015, with demos keeping the crowds entertained every day. Expect impressive stunts, astounding bike-control and spectacular aerial action from some of the worlds top riders!

With Sir Chris Hoy, BMX World Champion Liam Phillips and legend Sean Kelly all featuring in the 2014 line-up, this year’s Cycling Performance Theatre – Sponsored by British Eurosport is set to deliver an equally high calibre of guests. In the past there have also been team launches, award ceremonies, Q&A’s and advice sessions so watch this space for more information.

The London Bike Show

London bike show

Want a little more competition? The Cytech Fastest Wrench competition will be running throughout the Show to find this year’s tyre-change champion!

That’s not all! A ticket to The London Bike Show will also gain visitors entry into three other events running alongside it at the same time: the Triathlon Show: London, The Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show and the London International Dive Show (Saturday & Sunday only). It’s great value for money and a fantastic day out, with plenty of opportunities to try new activities, browse a range of kit and prepare to get active next year.

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Chairman of Surrey Council Opens Surrey Hills Mountain Bike Trail http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/chairman-surrey-county-council-opens-new-trail/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/chairman-surrey-county-council-opens-new-trail/#comments Sat, 25 Oct 2014 20:35:17 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2643 The Chairman of Surrey County Council David Munro officially opened the Summer Lightning Mountain Bike Trail on Thursday 23rd October 2014.

The new trail is the first phase of a planned network of trails linking the Surrey Hills. Summer Lightning has proved popular with riders and has demonstrated how mountain biking can be built and managed by multiple landowners along a section of trail.

“The Surrey Hills are the jewel in Surrey’s Countryside, attracting millions of visitors every year. It is great to see the partnership working with landowners, local businesses and volunteers to help manage and protect the Surrey Hills so it can be enjoyed by all.” said David Munro Chairman, Surrey County Council.

One of the Project Partners is local Mountain Bike Consultancy B1KE, who will be responsible for inspecting and maintaining the trail. Working with The Wotton Estate, The National Trust and other partners. Engaging and working with local volunteers to develop a Trail Care Crew, fundraising through various channels to cover the costs associated with the trail plus further work to develop the mountain bike trail network across the Surrey Hills AONB.

“Getting the trail built is just part of the solution. B1KE will bring a wealth of experience in terms of trail management, inspection and maintenance. and is really looking forward to working with the landowners, Managers the Surrey Hills AONB, their partners and the mountain bike community to continue to build the relationships that have led to this trail being built.” said B1KE’s Richard Kelly.

New MTB trail Surrey

Along with volunteering their time supporters of the trail are being encouraged to support mountain biking in the Surrey Hills by contributing to a new fund set up through the Surrey Hills AONB. Riders making a regular contribution of less that the cost of a cup of tea will make a big difference to the future of mountain biking in the Surrey Hills.

“Mountain biking is here to stay. I am delighted that bikers now have the Summer Lightning Trail which should reduce the conflict with other users of the Surrey Hills. We do however need cyclists to support the trail through volunteering and donations in order to effectively maintain the trail and extend the network to benefit other areas in the Surrey Hills.” said Neil Maltby Chairman of the Mountain Bike Working Group and Chairman of the Surrey Hills Trust Fund,

For more information on how you make a donation to support the Summer Lightning Trail and mountain biking in the Surrey Hills visit www.cfsurrey.org.uk

For further information regarding supporting the trail as a volunteer please e-mail info@bike.com Like the B1KE Facebook page www.facebook.com/officialb1ke or click over to the B1KE website www.b1ke.com

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Season Finale: PORC Rd5 Photos http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/season-finale-porc-rd5-photos/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/season-finale-porc-rd5-photos/#comments Mon, 20 Oct 2014 17:41:57 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2639 Chocolate paste seemed to be order of the day for the final race at PORC. The bad forecast proved wrong though, and the track began to dry out as the day progressed.

The mid-wooded section seemed to be the place catching most riders out, but a good decision was played to keep it straight and flat out should track conditions deteriorate. As it was the opposite happened, and a good turn out too proved what a hardened bunch MTBer’s are.

Thanks to the organisers downhillfreeriders.com for a banging series.

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A Letter To The Local Radio http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/letter-local-radio/ http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/letter-local-radio/#comments Wed, 08 Oct 2014 13:01:30 +0000 http://www.jab-ride.co.uk/?p=2634 Recently on our Facebook we linked to a news article on a website regarding a Mountain Biker wanted by police for questioning. We felt the whole story wasn’t being addressed, so sent the following response…

Dear ….

Having read the news article regarding the Mountain Biker attempting to rob a camera on the Ashdown (http://news.uckfieldfm.co.uk/2014/police-seek-cyclist-for-attempted-robbery-on-ashdown-forest/), I felt compelled to email in.

If what was written here is what genuinely happened, then I find it saddening that someone from a sport with an already tarnished name would manage to worsen it. It did strike me as odd why you’d feel angry because you knew you weren’t meant to be riding somewhere. Maybe a stranger taking photos of you because you’re riding somewhere you shouldn’t, would cause them to want to get hold of the camera and delete those pictures? I felt we weren’t getting the full story here.

Anyway why this also spurred me to write in is because, you guessed it, I am a Mountain Biker myself.

I moved in to the area a couple of years ago, excited by the beautiful hills and rolling countryside, and was itching to explore this lovely area. However it became quickly apparent to me that people do not like bikes around here. I have been met by rudeness and hostility by people I have come across on the paths despite being courteous and polite, and if I were to leave the paths, would be shot by a farmer.

The Ashdown Forest signs even go as far as to tell us biking ‘will spoil other’s enjoyment’. I am quite sure treading in horse or dog muck or being chased by a deranged dog is far less enjoyable than a bike going past, but again highlights this ‘anti’ culture we seem to have bred.

Mountain Biking provides an escape from life’s various pressures and problems. The beauty of the bike is the level of freedom it provides, it is the most versatile and liberating tool whilst being a great way to keep fit. Running on the spot in front of a mirror, also known as the gym, is what society seems to have labelled as todays ‘normal’ way of keeping fit. However this surprisingly doesn’t suit everyone.

Some people say bikes shouldn’t be on the paths but on the road. Well not only is road riding another sport altogether, but I know two people this year who have been hit by traffic. One escaped with minor injuries, the other was less fortunate and died at the scene.

I felt the need to write in and make some sound from our corner, as really most Mountain Bikers are decent sorts who appreciate nature and the countryside, who enjoy escapism in the ‘real’ world as opposed to being stuck in 4 walls behind a screen, or our artificial exercise houses where we pay huge fees a month to remain fit and miserable.

Maybe I have become the prime suspect for this case in writing in, but maybe there’s a larger crime Sussex needs to be questioning: why is Mountain Biking viewed a sin, and why can’t we accept the sport? Scotland and Wales are leagues ahead with this. If we want our next generation to be more athletic and tackle obesity, we need to start changing the way we think. As I said earlier, the bike is the most accessible way of release and exercise, but it seems we are currently fighting a case of being surrounded by water without a drop to drink.

I rest my case.

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